“The Real Thing” fanzine interview with Bono

On June 26th 1997, Bono and the rest of U2 had a day off from the first leg of the PopMart tour.  The next day, the band would play the first of three nights at Chicago’s Soldier Field.  On this off day, Bono participated in a phone interview for the UK fanzine “The Real Thing”.  The phone interview was conducted by the two co-editors from The Real Thing,  Debbi and Jackie.

Topics included; Popmart tour, Bono allergic to wine, Popmart setlists and songs, Until The End of the World visuals, Popmart changes for Europe, origin of Mofo lyrics, somebody is at the door, view from Bono’s Chicago suite, European support acts, Sarajevo show, reception of the Pop album, tour preparation in Vegas, shooting Peacocks up the arse with Super Soakers, Gavin Friday, Edge’s lyric credit on Pop, studio camera, U2 MSN website, U2 Dublin shows and criticism, media life vs. real life, U2 vegetarians, celebrity and U2, stripped down shows, MTV unplugged, friends and family on tour, Adam and Larry are waiting.

Special thanks to Debbi Voisey for her kindness in sending us this rare interview.  To read Debbi’s introduction to this interview, entitled “Shooting Peacocks Up The Arse!”, click HERE.  Interview conducted 3:00pm, June 26th, 1997 CST via phone from Chicago.

U2 Winnipeg Popmart

U2 are in Winnipeg during the PopMart tour, and Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge has live coverage. DJs Dave Bookman and Kim Hughes do a pre-show report and interview Howie B, Bono, Edge and Adam from “the press box” for later broadcast. Topics include; Winnipeg is buzzing, Howie B’s role, club music in the UK, stories from the studio, the U2 crew plays soccer, the unhappy 80’s, spectacle vs music, touring legs, Mission Impossible, pushing U2 forward, white rock is dull, and U2 as a mainstream irritant. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 12th, 1997.

Bono on Radio 1 Christmas Eve

Bono makes a quick Christmas Eve visit to Jo Whiley’s Radio 1 “Lunchtime Social”. Bono discusses being home on a tour break in Dublin, his house by the sea, Michael Hutchence death, and dedicates John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over) to the audience. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded December 24th, 1997.

Simon Mayo Passengers Interview

Bono and Edge phone in from Windmill Lane and talk with Simon Mayo of Radio 1. Discussion includes the song Miss Sarajevo for which Bono shares the “original” English lyrics Luciano Pavarotti later sang in Italian. Discussion also includes recording of “the new album” (Pop), Howie B., and recording the GoldenEye theme with Tina Turner. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded November 22nd, 1995.

Bono on 99x Atlanta, Mother’s Day

Bono does a “phone in” to Atlanta’s 99x FM radio for their Mother’s Day show in 1998. The interview is with Adora Mills, mother of Mike Mills from REM. Of note is Bono’s daughter Eve saying “Happy Mother’s Day” while home with a sore throat . Also, there is an extended discussion with Adora regarding The Mother’s Of The Disappeared coming on stage during some of the Chile and Argentina PopMart tour stops. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this updated interview. First broadcast on May 8th, 1998.

Jo Whiley BBC Radio 1 in Dublin (2 parts)

Yet another interview with Jo Whiley, only this time, there are studio problems. The entire band are in their Dublin studio as the Pop album is being released. The radio show goes out to a reported audience of 145 million, representing 5 continents and 50 countries. Technical problems crop up and the interview is interrupted at various points. The mixing desk “blows up”, there is “spillage” by someone working for the BBC and Bono has an allergic reaction to red wine and is highly medicated. Additionally, this interview includes two segments created by the BBC. In one, Irish fans are asked their opinion of the band (not all are good). In another, a “U2 in two minutes” segment covers the history of the band. This version of the interview was recorded directly from BBC Radio 1, and as a result, includes extra interview segments. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast March 1st, 1997.



Edge and Bono, Rotterdam PopMart (2 parts)

Bono and Edge talk with Jo Whiley in Rotterdam. This interview was recorded on a rainy day just as the second leg of the PopMart tour began in Europe. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded July 18th, 1997 for BBC Radio 1.



KROQ U2 PopMart Invasion (3 parts)

This was a nationwide radio broadcast to coincide with the launch of the U2 MSN website. At the time, the band were in Los Angeles on tour, and stopped by KROQ with longtime DJ Jed The Fish. This is the “extended version” of the interview since it includes a segment before the nationwide broadcast was due to begin AND a segment after the nationwide broadcast was due to end. All four members of the band were on the air for over two hours at KROQ (this edited version is over 90 minutes).  First broadcast June 20th, 1997.




Bono, Larry, Adam Much Music 1997 (2 parts)

Bono, Larry and Adam are interviewed by Much Music in Winnipeg Canada. This interview takes place after PopMart has been declared somewhat of a failure by the media. The interview, therefore, is a bit defensive by the band.  Interview from June 12th, 1997.