Edge and Negativland Mondo 2000 Interview (2 parts)

Interview courtesy negativland.com.

On a break from the Zoo TV Tour, U2 management set up a long phone interview for Edge with Mondo 2000 magazine. Apparenly, Edge was a fan of the magazine, which included contributors such as William Gibson. Edge’s goal was to discuss the ideas behind Zoo TV and the Cyberpunk movement with the magazine and its audience.

What Edge did not know was that Mondo 2000 editor R. U. Sirius invited his friends from the band Negativland (Don Joyce and Mark Hosler) to take part in the interview. At the time, Island records were suing Negativland regarding their single “U2” which mixed samples of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” with a profane Casey Kasem rant from his show American Top 40.

Most likely, it was the cover of the Negativland single that worried Island Records. The cover was designed in such a way as to suggest that it was a U2 release. Though Island Records may have had a legitimate gripe regarding the cover, their legal actions seemed heavy handed at best, and eventually cost Negativland a lot of money and their recording contract with SST Records.

The interview started out as somewhat of an “ambush”, but, The Edge seemed mostly relaxed about the whole thing as time went on. Additionally, Negativland took the opportunity to ask Edge some interesting questions, and make some good points regarding sampling, copyright, and the dawning digital age. Near the end, they even ask Edge for a loan!

It is believed that this interview has never been released before in audio form, though the print version is available at the Negativland website. The U2 Interview Archive would like to thank Don Joyce for dubbing and sending us a copy of the original audio cassette. Recorded June 25th, 1992 for Mondo 2000 magazine.

PS: If you’ve never heard the U2/Negativland single, may we suggest the 2001 Negativland album “These Guys Are From England and Who Gives A Shit” which contains great versions. Also available via Amazon.com.

In The Studio, Achtung Baby (4 parts)

As part of the “In The Studio with Redbeard” radio series, Edge and Adam discuss Achtung Baby. The show is a mix of interview clips and music from the album. Topics include; recording in Berlin, staying in East Berlin, Eno and Lanois, mixing The Fly, trashy guitars and dirty bass, Mysterious Ways, Bono’s lyrics, Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World, Zoo TV, Until The End Of The World, and the state of radio in America. Part 4 is a commercial for the show. Taken from the original Promo CD “In The Studio, #236, U2 Achtung Baby”. For airing the week of December 28th, 1992″.

Edge and Dave Fanning, Zooropa Interview (2 parts)

Edge sits down with Dave Fanning and discusses the Zooropa album and tour. This interview was recorded the just before U2 concluded the Zooropa tour with two nights at the RDS Arena, Dublin. Topics include; the recording of Zooropa, how Zoo TV inspired the Zooropa album, use of Nazi imagery on stage, the Sarajevo linkups, Bono’s Fly and Macphisto characters, the classic U2 sound, how The Wanderer came about, Zoomerang shows, living in Dublin, the band’s friendship, touring in Italy, writing Dirty Day, remixes, technology, the video confessional booth, and uncertainty in Europe. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast August, 26th, 1993.

Adam Interviewed by Rudy Leonet

French radio and TV personality Rudy Leonet interviews Adam for the Belgian print magazine Telemoustique.
Adam discusses; recording Night And Day, the “new” image of the band, Rattle And Hum, Adam’s favorite bands, the concepts behind Achtung Baby and the Zoo tour, Paul McGuinness, the release strategy of Achtung Baby, and the future of the band. Recorded early May, 1992.

Interview with Mark Goodier, Radio 1 (2 parts)

Two weeks before the ZOO TV tour began, U2 drop by Radio 1 to speak with Mark Goodier. This interview is not the typical “ironic” Zoo era interview, as the band seem to be in a fairly serious mood at many points. Apparently, the band had been shooting videos all day, and Bono is tired and a bit off his game. Bits of this interview ended up on Achtung Baby: The Videos, the Cameos, and a whole lot of Interference, including Edge discussing “owl droppings” and a quip by Bono about Edge’s “smelly feet”. Topics include Hansa Studios, Bono discusses the Achtung Baby bootleg tapes, a rant by Bono about regarding tour sponsorship, Adam says something about not wearing clothes, and the band discuss swimming pools. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast February 13th, 1992.

XFM Interview with Edge and Adam (2 parts)

An interview with Edge and Adam recorded midway through the Zoo TV Outside Broadcast tour for XFM London. Recorded in Chicago during a break in the tour and hosted by Sammy Jacob. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast on October 1st, 1992

JJJ Interview Glasgow (2 parts)

Australian radio station Triple J catches up with Edge, Adam, and Paul McGuinness in Glasgow Scotland. Interviews were taped just before the Zoo TV Glasgow show. Particularly interesting is hearing Paul McGuinness discuss the “economics” of the tour, specifically how the Zoo TV lost money. Paul also suggests, somewhat bluntly, that U2 would probably not tour Australia due to the poor Australian economy (this obviously turned out not to be true). Also, Edge goes into an extended discussion of the Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant. Additionally, there is a rare interview with original Zoo TV belly dancer Christina Petro (who years later became XTina X, the lead singer for the band Grim Faeries). The source tape has some issues during both parts. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 18th, 1992.

U2 Rockline Radio Show (4 parts)

U2 visit Rockline for one of the all time classic U2 interviews. U2 are about to play two nights at New York’s Yankee Stadium as part of the 3rd leg of the Achtung Baby tour. Late in the show, then Governor Bill Clinton calls in to the show and talks with the band. It’s a little over two months to the US Presidential Election. The call from Clinton is taken on air, but the band seem cautious, not wanting to overtly take sides in the election. Bono in particular engages the governor in a discussion of, among other things, Tipper Gore and the music censorship debate. Apparently, Clinton’s answers resonate with the band, as they end up meeting Clinton later on tour, and eventually form a long lasting friendship with the soon to be President.  First aired August 28th, 1992.

Zoo Radio Transmit (5 parts)

Edited version of Zoo Radio Transmit with songs removed. Recorded directly from the Promo Radio Show CD. BP Fallon hosts this radio show which discusses Achtung Baby and the ZOO Tours. The entire band are interviewed, as well as Paul McGuinness and others.  Released 1992.