Interview with Mark Goodier, Radio 1 (2 parts)

Two weeks before the ZOO TV tour began, U2 drop by Radio 1 to speak with Mark Goodier. This interview is not the typical “ironic” Zoo era interview, as the band seem to be in a fairly serious mood at many points. Apparently, the band had been shooting videos all day, and Bono is tired and a bit off his game. Bits of this interview ended up on Achtung Baby: The Videos, the Cameos, and a whole lot of Interference, including Edge discussing “owl droppings” and a quip by Bono about Edge’s “smelly feet”. Topics include Hansa Studios, Bono discusses the Achtung Baby bootleg tapes, a rant by Bono about regarding tour sponsorship, Adam says something about not wearing clothes, and the band discuss swimming pools. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast February 13th, 1992.