U2 Chatcast Extra (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
January 02nd, 2006

Dan from u2interview.com
Matt from atu2.com

Show Topics:

We interview atu2.com founder Matt McGee about the history of the web site, early growth of the site, recent changes, and the future of the both atu2.com and the internet. This interview is in celebration of the atu2.com 10th anniversary in 2005/2006.

  • When did you start atu2?
  • Wasn’t the site originally called Matt’s Mostly U2 Page?
  • When did atu2 start having a “staff” beyond yourself?
  • Did you ever expect atu2 to become what it is now?
  • When did you realize that atu2 was becoming something “big”?
  • Is the primary mission of the site archival or “new” content?
  • Do you have a proudest moment regarding the site?
  • When did U2tours.com come about?
  • 2005 represented many changes for atu2, what’s next?
  • Have there ever been points where you wanted to quit?

U2 Chatcast Show 05 (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
January 09th, 2006

Tassoula from atu2.com
Dan from u2interview.com
Michael from michaelvox.com
Matt from atu2.com

Show Topics:
Rolling Stone Completes The Bono Interview Podcasts
Rolling Stone has a new Podcast Browser web page
We start a lengthy discussion of the U2 Fan Survey

  • 4106 participants, 72 countries
  • Were some countries under represented?
  • U2 is keeping a relatively young audience
  • Did Joshua Tree fans get robbed?
  • Male / Female ratio of U2 fans.
  • How often do U2 fans listen to the band?
  • Not all U2 fans are part of U2.com
  • Just one show, and you are a U2 fan?
  • Edge rules this survey, Larry got shafted yet again
  • Anton Corbijn feels the love as well
  • What’s up with the song selections U2 fans?
  • What are the U2 “obligation songs” for every show?
  • Are we freaks for seeing so many U2 shows?
  • Will the survey be back again in the future?

The panel discusses their BEST U2 moments of 2005
The panel discusses their WORST U2 moments of 2005
The U2 Hawaii shows April 8th and April 9th
U2 at the Grammys February 8th
Michael and Tassoula start BonoDrumming.com, go there now!

U2 Chatcast Show 04 (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
November 10th, 2005

Tassoula from atu2.com
Dan from u2interview.com
Michael from michaelvox.com
Scott from atu2.com calls in

Show Topics:
Eight people got scanned into the ellipse at once?
Band subscribed to Wire according to Sebastian Clayton
Dan discusses the LA shows
Tassoula discusses the Las Vegas shows
Michael and Scott discuss the Oakland shows
Bono, The Rolling Stone Interview and Podcast
Is Bono getting help during Miss Sarajevo?
Some Podcast Clips courtesy of RollingStone.com
Chicago DVD released soon
Vertigo Tour 4th Leg coming soon
Live 8 DVD not as complete as we would like
Anton Corbijn directs the new Coldplay video

U2 Chatcast Show 03 (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
October 17th, 2005

Dan from u2interview.com
Michael from michaelvox.com
Scott from atu2.com

Show Topics:
U2 Vertigo Tour back in the US
U2 on Conan O’Brien
Pearl Jam offers digital downloads, why can’t U2 do this?
Bono came in 3rd for the Nobel Peace Prize
The Persuasions U2 cover album is great!
Scott to perform the atu2 party in December

U2 Chatcast Show 02 (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
September 04th, 2005

Dan from u2interview.com
Sherry (U2isable) from atu2.com
Michael from michaelvox.com, (on assignment at Benihana)

Show Topics:
Fan tour photos… better than the pros?
Business from the last show:
U2.com tour merchandise
Gavin and Bono revisited
Chatcast emails:
Next tour 2008-2009?
How do you get good U2 tickets? Is ETS a good last resort?
Intelligent discourse? Us?
Rolling Stones fans vs. U2 fans… are Stones fans just better people?
Pearl Jam releases shows as digital downloads, why can’t U2 do this?
Will the U2.com fan club survive the fall renewals?
Is that a DAT in your pants or are you just glad to see me?
Sharon Osbourne, apparently not a U2 fan.
Love and Peace Or Else Flash Animation: https://www.makemagic.com/LAPOE.htm

U2 Chatcast Show 01 (discontinued)

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Show Recorded:
August 15th, 2005

Dan from u2interview.com
Matt from atu2.com
Michael from michaelvox.com

Show Topics:
U2 on the HBO show Entourage
What happened to Willie Williams?
Are Willie Williams and Gavin Friday feeding Bono his lines?
Will you be renewing your U2.com membership this fall?
Local security at U2 shows
How will the 3rd leg be different?
Are U2 shows for casual fans or hardcore fans?
Michael compares his first leg and second leg experiences
Support acts for 3rd leg?