U2 Chatcast Show 02 (discontinued)

Podcast File Link:

Show Recorded:
September 04th, 2005

Dan from u2interview.com
Sherry (U2isable) from atu2.com
Michael from michaelvox.com, (on assignment at Benihana)

Show Topics:
Fan tour photos… better than the pros?
Business from the last show:
U2.com tour merchandise
Gavin and Bono revisited
Chatcast emails:
Next tour 2008-2009?
How do you get good U2 tickets? Is ETS a good last resort?
Intelligent discourse? Us?
Rolling Stones fans vs. U2 fans… are Stones fans just better people?
Pearl Jam releases shows as digital downloads, why can’t U2 do this?
Will the U2.com fan club survive the fall renewals?
Is that a DAT in your pants or are you just glad to see me?
Sharon Osbourne, apparently not a U2 fan.
Love and Peace Or Else Flash Animation: https://www.makemagic.com/LAPOE.htm