U2 In Their Own Words, Manchester Radio

While in Manchester UK on the first leg of the Unforgettable Fire Tour, Adam and Edge are interviewed by Picadilly Radio DJ Tony ‘The Greek’ Michaelides.  Topics include; The Unforgettable Fire and the UK album charts, U2 at the Manchester Apollo, Bono climbing on the PA stacks, working with Brian Eno, 80’s soul music, touring in the US, another record with Brian and Danny?, writing and recording The Unforgettable Fire, Bono’s voice and the right microphone, Pride, albums vs. singles, the album title Unforgettable Fire, NME trashes U2’s new album, Bad and Heroin, more singles from the album?, 4th of July, plans for 1985?

Originally recorded on or about November 10th, 1984 and recorded by taper Rick14.  Believed to be first broadcast, December 31st, 1984.

Bono, Voices Of Sun City

Artists who took part in the Artists United Against Apartheid (Sun City) project recorded an interview LP and video entitled “Voices Of Sun City”. On this promo LP, Bono discusses why he joined the Sun City project and the recording of Silver and Gold. This is a very short interview segment. Special thanks to Eric of U2vl.org for providing this interview. Released 1985.

The Edge Captive Interview

Dave Fanning interviews The Edge regarding the Captive soundtrack album for the RTE TV series “Visual Eyes”. Interview sound quality is fairly low.  Topics include; using U2 tracks in movies, Edge as a movie fan, black and white movies, corrupting influences in movies, Michael Brook, U2’s recording process, and will there be other movie soundtracks? Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast August 20-28, 1986.

Bono and Adam Interview (2 parts)

Taped “hotel junket” style UK interview with Bono and Adam. This is a typical mid-80’s U2 vinyl interview, so the sound has something to be desired, particularly for Bono who was not close to the mic. Topics include Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, politics, hype in music, doing interviews, loss of privacy in U2, the prospect of being U2 in 20 years, collaboration, October as a turning point, Pride, Island Records, the U2 value system, room service is ordered (sandwiches and Heineken). Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Exact recording date unknown, believed to be 1985.



Adam talks with Dave Fanning (incomplete)

Between the 3th and 4th legs of the Unforgettable Fire Tour, Adam drops by The Dave Fanning Show for a short interview. This interview is incomplete and has quality issues at a few points. Topics include, Mother Records, The Unforgettable Fire single, Adam seeing bands in Dublin, will U2 play in Ireland?, Island Records, tension within the band, artistic and financial freedom, the new stage and show, seriously… will U2 play in Ireland?, the next LP (interview ends abruptly). Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded Mid February 1985 while U2 were on a tour break.

Bono and Adam on Rockline (2 parts)

Geno Mitchellini substitutes for usual host Bob Coburn on Rockline, live from KLOS in Los Angeles.  Bono and Adam are in good spirits, having just finished the second leg of the Unforgettable Fire Tour at the Long Beach Arena, and are about to have a month off for the holidays.  Topics include; Martin Luther King, lack of printed lyrics in albums, why Bono will never be a politician, Band Aid, the song Wire, the two Americas, Rock and Roll, Bob Dylan, U2 is not a new wave band, Brian Eno, The Unforgettable Fire and the bomb, Do They Know It’s Christmas, Bad and Heroin, recording in Slane Castle, and The Who. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast live on December 17th, 1984.



Bono Radio One, Wide Awake In America

On the day of the Milton Keynes show, Bono calls in to BBC Radio One for a short interview. Topics include; the Wide Awake In America EP and how UK fans shouldn’t buy it, the Milton Keynes show, how U2 are not an arena band, the lack of Scotland/UK shows, and opening acts REM and The Ramones. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 22nd, 1985.

U2 discuss The Unforgettable Fire with Dave Fanning (2 parts)

A week before the 1985 Croke Park Show, the entire band, Joe O’Herlihy, Paul McGuinness and BP Fallon, visit with Dave Fanning for a long interview while eating pizza. Bell Peppers fly as the band focus on The Unforgettable Fire album and the upcoming Dublin show. Topics include; working with Brian Eno, Edge discusses recording I Threw A Brick Through A Window, and Bono discusses the songs Bad, Wire, and The Unforgettable Fire. Also, Paul McGuinness discusses managing the band, Joe O’Herlihy says a few words about “The Cork Mafia“, and Bono discusses Sinead O’Connor and Patty Smith. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 20nd, 1985.



Bono, WAPP Hot 103 New York

A classic Bono interview from the Unforgettable Fire era. Bono visits WAPP Hot 103 FM and talks with DJ Rufus. This is one of Bono’s more intense interviews where he is focused on the topic of religion. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. This interview dates to the Unforgettable Fire Tour, most likely early April 1985 during the 4th leg of the tour.