U2 Countdown Show Australia

An older interview from the Australian TV series Countdown. This is a “Saturday Special” episode of the series. Bono, Edge, and Adam are interviewed by Ian Meldrum (who wears a cowboy hat). The interview occurred at the Sydney Entertainment Center during their first tour of Australia, about a month before The Unforgettable Fire is released. The interview has some sequencing issues.  First aired September 8th 1984.

Off The Record with Mary Turner

Great Unforgettable Fire era interview with Edge and Adam. The band were just finishing up Leg II of the UF tour and were about to fly home for two weeks at Christmas in December 1984.

As an aside, Mary Turner left the music business and married Norm Pattiz (who Executive Produced many Westwood One broadcasts during the 80’s). She is now a substance abuse counselor famous for helping musicians.  First aired January 28th, 1985.