Bono opens Anton Corbijn Museum Exhibit

In 2000, Bono made a brief speech at the opening of Anton Corbijn’s “25 years work” (werk) exhibit at the Groninger Museum, Netherlands. The exhibit displayed photographs from Anton’s first 25 years as a photographer.  A related article from the website can be found HERE.   Taped/Compiled by B.R. on  April 8th, 2000.

Casey Kasem and Negativland

In 1992, at an anti-nuclear rally, Casey Kasem was interviewed regarding the Negativland U2 single.  This single has Casey ranting about U2 saying in part, “these guys are from England (sic) and who gives a sh*&”.  During this very quick “celebrity” interview, Kasem briefly discusses the Negativland single, the fact that he did not sue them, and his belief in the first amendment.  It has been reported that, privately, he did in fact threaten to sue Negativland regarding the single.  Interview courtesy  Thanks to Don Joyce for providing this recording.  Recorded sometime during 1992.

MTV Happy St. Patrick’s Day Message

In 1982, U2 filmed a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” message for MTV music television. At this point, MTV had placed U2’s Gloria Video into heavy rotation, setting the stage for the War videos to come a year later. During the message, U2 walks around the Dublin Docklands. First broadcast March 17th, 1982. View the video on YouTube by clicking here.