U2 Chatcast Extra (discontinued)

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January 02nd, 2006

Dan from u2interview.com
Matt from atu2.com

Show Topics:

We interview atu2.com founder Matt McGee about the history of the web site, early growth of the site, recent changes, and the future of the both atu2.com and the internet. This interview is in celebration of the atu2.com 10th anniversary in 2005/2006.

  • When did you start atu2?
  • Wasn’t the site originally called Matt’s Mostly U2 Page?
  • When did atu2 start having a “staff” beyond yourself?
  • Did you ever expect atu2 to become what it is now?
  • When did you realize that atu2 was becoming something “big”?
  • Is the primary mission of the site archival or “new” content?
  • Do you have a proudest moment regarding the site?
  • When did U2tours.com come about?
  • 2005 represented many changes for atu2, what’s next?
  • Have there ever been points where you wanted to quit?