U2 Rockline Radio Show (4 parts)

U2 visit Rockline for one of the all time classic U2 interviews. U2 are about to play two nights at New York’s Yankee Stadium as part of the 3rd leg of the Achtung Baby tour. Late in the show, then Governor Bill Clinton calls in to the show and talks with the band. It’s a little over two months to the US Presidential Election. The call from Clinton is taken on air, but the band seem cautious, not wanting to overtly take sides in the election. Bono in particular engages the governor in a discussion of, among other things, Tipper Gore and the music censorship debate. Apparently, Clinton’s answers resonate with the band, as they end up meeting Clinton later on tour, and eventually form a long lasting friendship with the soon to be President.  First aired August 28th, 1992.