PopMart Vegas News Report

Short news report from KTNV-TV Channel 13 Las Vegas. Interviews with Willy Williams and Paul McGuinness regarding the upcoming PopMart tour. First aired April 1997.

U2 Talk Pop 3 (21 parts)

21 track UK promo CD of the band discussing the POP Album. Interview conducted by Dave Fanning. This version now includes Dave Fanning’s questions. Thanks to Calle, U2Roeli, and Gorby for all helping out with getting the better version. Released March 1997.

Passengers Original Soundchat 1 (3 parts)

Promo interview CD for the Passengers Original Soundtracks 1 project. Interviews with Bono, Edge, Adam, Brian Eno and others. Hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio1.  First aired October 1995.