Jo Whiley BBC Radio 1 in Dublin (2 parts)

Yet another interview with Jo Whiley, only this time, there are studio problems. The entire band are in their Dublin studio as the Pop album is being released. The radio show goes out to a reported audience of 145 million, representing 5 continents and 50 countries. Technical problems crop up and the interview is interrupted at various points. The mixing desk “blows up”, there is “spillage” by someone working for the BBC and Bono has an allergic reaction to red wine and is highly medicated. Additionally, this interview includes two segments created by the BBC. In one, Irish fans are asked their opinion of the band (not all are good). In another, a “U2 in two minutes” segment covers the history of the band. This version of the interview was recorded directly from BBC Radio 1, and as a result, includes extra interview segments. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast March 1st, 1997.