“The Real Thing” fanzine interview with Bono (2 parts)

On June 26th 1997, Bono and the rest of U2 had a day off from the first leg of the PopMart tour.  The next day, the band would play the first of three nights at Chicago’s Soldier Field.  On this off day, Bono participated in a phone interview for the UK fanzine “The Real Thing”.  The phone interview was conducted by the two co-editors from The Real Thing,  Debbi and Jackie.

Topics included; Popmart tour, Bono allergic to wine, Popmart setlists and songs, Until The End of the World visuals, Popmart changes for Europe, origin of Mofo lyrics, somebody is at the door, view from Bono’s Chicago suite, European support acts, Sarajevo show, reception of the Pop album, tour preparation in Vegas, shooting Peacocks up the arse with Super Soakers, Gavin Friday, Edge’s lyric credit on Pop, studio camera, U2 MSN website, U2 Dublin shows and criticism, media life vs. real life, U2 vegetarians, celebrity and U2, stripped down shows, MTV unplugged, friends and family on tour, Adam and Larry are waiting.

Special thanks to Debbi Voisey for her kindness in sending us this rare interview.  To read Debbi’s introduction to this interview, entitled “Shooting Peacocks Up The Arse!”, click HERE.  Interview conducted 3:00pm, June 26th, 1997 CST via phone from Chicago.