U2 Winnipeg Popmart

U2 are in Winnipeg during the PopMart tour, and Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge has live coverage. DJs Dave Bookman and Kim Hughes do a pre-show report and interview Howie B, Bono, Edge and Adam from “the press box” for later broadcast. Topics include; Winnipeg is buzzing, Howie B’s role, club music in the UK, stories from the studio, the U2 crew plays soccer, the unhappy 80’s, spectacle vs music, touring legs, Mission Impossible, pushing U2 forward, white rock is dull, and U2 as a mainstream irritant. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 12th, 1997.

Bono and Adam on Rockline (2 parts)

Geno Mitchellini substitutes for usual host Bob Coburn on Rockline, live from KLOS in Los Angeles.  Bono and Adam are in good spirits, having just finished the second leg of the Unforgettable Fire Tour at the Long Beach Arena, and are about to have a month off for the holidays.  Topics include; Martin Luther King, lack of printed lyrics in albums, why Bono will never be a politician, Band Aid, the song Wire, the two Americas, Rock and Roll, Bob Dylan, U2 is not a new wave band, Brian Eno, The Unforgettable Fire and the bomb, Do They Know It’s Christmas, Bad and Heroin, recording in Slane Castle, and The Who. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast live on December 17th, 1984.



Edge and Dave Fanning, Zooropa Interview (2 parts)

Edge sits down with Dave Fanning and discusses the Zooropa album and tour. This interview was recorded the just before U2 concluded the Zooropa tour with two nights at the RDS Arena, Dublin. Topics include; the recording of Zooropa, how Zoo TV inspired the Zooropa album, use of Nazi imagery on stage, the Sarajevo linkups, Bono’s Fly and Macphisto characters, the classic U2 sound, how The Wanderer came about, Zoomerang shows, living in Dublin, the band’s friendship, touring in Italy, writing Dirty Day, remixes, technology, the video confessional booth, and uncertainty in Europe. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast August, 26th, 1993.



Adam Interviewed by Rudy Leonet

French radio and TV personality Rudy Leonet interviews Adam for the Belgian print magazine Telemoustique.
Adam discusses; recording Night And Day, the “new” image of the band, Rattle And Hum, Adam’s favorite bands, the concepts behind Achtung Baby and the Zoo tour, Paul McGuinness, the release strategy of Achtung Baby, and the future of the band. Recorded early May, 1992.

Bono Radio One, Wide Awake In America

On the day of the Milton Keynes show, Bono calls in to BBC Radio One for a short interview. Topics include; the Wide Awake In America EP and how UK fans shouldn’t buy it, the Milton Keynes show, how U2 are not an arena band, the lack of Scotland/UK shows, and opening acts REM and The Ramones. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 22nd, 1985.

U2 discuss The Unforgettable Fire with Dave Fanning (2 parts)

A week before the 1985 Croke Park Show, the entire band, Joe O’Herlihy, Paul McGuinness and BP Fallon, visit with Dave Fanning for a long interview while eating pizza. Bell Peppers fly as the band focus on The Unforgettable Fire album and the upcoming Dublin show. Topics include; working with Brian Eno, Edge discusses recording I Threw A Brick Through A Window, and Bono discusses the songs Bad, Wire, and The Unforgettable Fire. Also, Paul McGuinness discusses managing the band, Joe O’Herlihy says a few words about “The Cork Mafia“, and Bono discusses Sinead O’Connor and Patty Smith. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded June 20nd, 1985.



WNUR “Backstage” show with Bono

Bono visits WNUR Evanston Illinois. WNUR is the “largest college radio station in the US” and, due to its signal strength, reaches a wide audience in the Chicagoland area.  Bono is interviewed by Michael Lev and topics include how U2 formed, early attempts to cover The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, playing pubs in Dublin, Bono shopping U2 demos in London, U2-3, The Edge, early impressions of America, and playing the University Of Chicago the night before. Original audio repaired by “Candle” from ElevaSHN hub. Recorded April 12th, 1981 the day of their second Chicago area show of the Boy tour.

Bono and Edge October Era Interview

Bono and Edge, speak to Phil Sutcliffe for the BBC. The interview was recorded during the first leg of the October tour in Brighton England. The interview is short, and focused on the “new” October album. In particular, the religious connotations of songs like Gloria and Tomorrow are discussed. Bono also tells the stories behind Stranger In A Strange Land and the B-side J Swallow. Interview most likely recorded while on tour in Brighton, October 12th, 1981.

Bono on Radio 1 Christmas Eve

Bono makes a quick Christmas Eve visit to Jo Whiley’s Radio 1 “Lunchtime Social”. Bono discusses being home on a tour break in Dublin, his house by the sea, Michael Hutchence death, and dedicates John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over) to the audience. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded December 24th, 1997.