WNUR “Backstage” show with Bono

Bono visits WNUR Evanston Illinois. WNUR is the “largest college radio station in the US” and, due to its signal strength, reaches a wide audience in the Chicagoland area.  Bono is interviewed by Michael Lev and topics include how U2 formed, early attempts to cover The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, playing pubs in Dublin, Bono shopping U2 demos in London, U2-3, The Edge, early impressions of America, and playing the University Of Chicago the night before. Original audio repaired by “Candle” from ElevaSHN hub. Recorded April 12th, 1981 the day of their second Chicago area show of the Boy tour.

2 thoughts on “WNUR “Backstage” show with Bono

  1. It’s interesting to hear a young “Bunno” (as the interviewer calls him) mention U2-3 and visiting London only a year and half earlier. There truly were a new band.

  2. Yea, it’s always been odd to me how interviewers, particularly American interviewers, have a problem with the name “Bono”.

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