Casey Kasem and Negativland

In 1992, at an anti-nuclear rally, Casey Kasem was interviewed regarding the Negativland U2 single.  This single has Casey ranting about U2 saying in part, “these guys are from England (sic) and who gives a sh*&”.  During this very quick “celebrity” interview, Kasem briefly discusses the Negativland single, the fact that he did not sue them, and his belief in the first amendment.  It has been reported that, privately, he did in fact threaten to sue Negativland regarding the single.  Interview courtesy  Thanks to Don Joyce for providing this recording.  Recorded sometime during 1992.

Edge and Negativland Mondo 2000 Interview (2 parts)

Interview courtesy

On a break from the Zoo TV Tour, U2 management set up a long phone interview for Edge with Mondo 2000 magazine. Apparenly, Edge was a fan of the magazine, which included contributors such as William Gibson. Edge’s goal was to discuss the ideas behind Zoo TV and the Cyberpunk movement with the magazine and its audience.

What Edge did not know was that Mondo 2000 editor R. U. Sirius invited his friends from the band Negativland (Don Joyce and Mark Hosler) to take part in the interview. At the time, Island records were suing Negativland regarding their single “U2” which mixed samples of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” with a profane Casey Kasem rant from his show American Top 40.

Most likely, it was the cover of the Negativland single that worried Island Records. The cover was designed in such a way as to suggest that it was a U2 release. Though Island Records may have had a legitimate gripe regarding the cover, their legal actions seemed heavy handed at best, and eventually cost Negativland a lot of money and their recording contract with SST Records.

The interview started out as somewhat of an “ambush”, but, The Edge seemed mostly relaxed about the whole thing as time went on. Additionally, Negativland took the opportunity to ask Edge some interesting questions, and make some good points regarding sampling, copyright, and the dawning digital age. Near the end, they even ask Edge for a loan!

It is believed that this interview has never been released before in audio form, though the print version is available at the Negativland website. The U2 Interview Archive would like to thank Don Joyce for dubbing and sending us a copy of the original audio cassette. Recorded June 25th, 1992 for Mondo 2000 magazine.

PS: If you’ve never heard the U2/Negativland single, may we suggest the 2001 Negativland album “These Guys Are From England and Who Gives A Shit” which contains great versions. Also available via

Part 01:


The Edge Captive Interview

Dave Fanning interviews The Edge regarding the Captive soundtrack album for the RTE TV series “Visual Eyes”. Interview sound quality is fairly low.  Topics include; using U2 tracks in movies, Edge as a movie fan, black and white movies, corrupting influences in movies, Michael Brook, U2’s recording process, and will there be other movie soundtracks? Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. First broadcast August 20-28, 1986.

In The Studio, Achtung Baby (4 parts)

As part of the “In The Studio with Redbeard” radio series, Edge and Adam discuss Achtung Baby. The show is a mix of interview clips and music from the album. Topics include; recording in Berlin, staying in East Berlin, Eno and Lanois, mixing The Fly, trashy guitars and dirty bass, Mysterious Ways, Bono’s lyrics, Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World, Zoo TV, Until The End Of The World, and the state of radio in America. Part 4 is a commercial for the show. Taken from the original Promo CD “In The Studio, #236, U2 Achtung Baby”. For airing the week of December 28th, 1992″.





MTV Happy St. Patrick’s Day Message

In 1982, U2 filmed a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” message for MTV music television. At this point, MTV had placed U2’s Gloria Video into heavy rotation, setting the stage for the War videos to come a year later. During the message, U2 walks around the Dublin Docklands. First broadcast March 17th, 1982. View the video on YouTube by clicking here.

Bono and Adam Interview (2 parts)

Taped “hotel junket” style UK interview with Bono and Adam. This is a typical mid-80’s U2 vinyl interview, so the sound has something to be desired, particularly for Bono who was not close to the mic. Topics include Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, politics, hype in music, doing interviews, loss of privacy in U2, the prospect of being U2 in 20 years, collaboration, October as a turning point, Pride, Island Records, the U2 value system, room service is ordered (sandwiches and Heineken). Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Exact recording date unknown, believed to be 1985.



Larry premiers The Joshua Tree with Dave Fanning (2 parts)

Larry speaks! A week or so before The Joshua Tree is to be released on March 9th 1987, Larry drops by Dave Fanning‘s show to world premier four cuts from the album . Additionally, Larry has brought in “a bunch of records” to play, and Dave Fanning gets him to speak at length on a number of things. Topics includes; David Bowie, aging gracefully, The Joshua Tree, sounding like U2, the world tour, Joshua Tree as a double album, Bono’s lyrics, Regan’s America, drumming to serve the song, piano lessons and drum lessons, the Artane Boys Band, shoulder length hair, Mount Temple, the early days, The Sweet, Red Hill Mining Town, the U2 fan club, getting hassled by fans, living in and giving back to Dublin, the Red Hill Mining Town and With Or Without You video shoots, Larry’s hand problems, live drums, Paul Brady and Patty Smith sessions, t-shirts and ticket pricing, Exit, and Working Class Hero. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Originally broadcast on or about March 2nd, 1987.