The Call, Greenbelt Festival 90

A very short interview with members of The Call at Greenbelt Festival 1990. The Greenbelt Festival is a festival of Christian rock bands held since 1974 in the UK. During the interview, The Call band members discuss working with Bono and T-Bone Burnett to create a demo for “Slow Dancing”, a song U2 would later record twice in the studio (once alone, and once with Willie Nelson). They also discuss Bono doing backing vocals for The Call song What’s Happened To You. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Recorded August 24th to August 27th, 1990.

Edge on RTE2 FM

In January 1990, just after Bono’s famous “dream it all up again” speech at Dublin’s Point Depot, Edge sits down with Russian Journalist Artemy Troitsky. This interview was then rebroadcast on RTE2 FM with their DJ providing the questions and commentary for Edge’s answers. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Originally broadcast January 12th, 1990.

On The Radio Chart Show

Edge and Bono make a super short appearance on the American “On The Radio” countdown show. This bit is taken directly from the promo vinyl. Each show has a short interview bit, followed by a current chart song (in this case, it was Angel Of Harlem). In this interview, Edge and Bono discuss why the movie Rattle And Hum was made.  Aired January 27th, 1989.

Rattle And Hum Premier (2 parts)

The entire band sit down with Timothy White and Dave Fanning for a 90 minute interview. The interview took place in Dublin on the eve of the Rattle and Hum movie release. The album had already been out for a few weeks when this interview was taped. Particularly interesting bits are the discussions of the origin of Hawkmoon 269 and Bono’s feelings regarding the Elvis and John Lennon biographies written by Albert Goldman (or as Bono says, “Golddigger”).  First aired October 26th, 1998.

KUPD Interview (4 parts)

The entire band are interviewed by Arizona Radio Station KUPD. At the end of the Joshua Tree Tour, the band decide to play two shows at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe Arizona to be filmed for the Rattle And Hum movie. The shows were December 19th and December 20th, 1987. During the interview, the band discuss plans to play a bit of El Pueblo Vencera along with Mother’s Of The Disappeared, which they do at the end of the second Tempe show.  First aired December 18th, 1987.

Special thanks to Kerstin for offering to share this great interview!

Trip Through Your Wires Radio Show (2 parts)

A 90 minute radio show recorded in New York. The entire band are in the studio, and rare/live tracks are played including Help (live), I Will Follow (live), Maggie’s Farm (live), etc. Also, Bono and Edge play Lost Highway and Lucille live in studio. Being a nationwide call in show, the band also answer questions phoned in. All tracks are edited out of this version, taken from a first generation cassette tape recorded live from KROQ in LA.  First aired September 8th, 1987.

Dave Fanning “Nude” Interview (2 parts)

The famous “nude interview” from 1987. The entire band are in Dublin Ireland visiting with Dave Fanning. At some point, the band start taking off their clothing. A very relaxed interview from the band with listener call ins. The original source was a vinyl bootleg of the interview, and there are times during the show where the quality dips a bit.  First aired June 25th, 1987.

The Joshua Tree Interview (2 parts)

An hour long interview performed by Carter Allen (then of WBCN Boston) with Edge and Bono just after the Joshua Tree came out. Recorded in Houston Texas as the band was playing at The Summit April 7th 1987. Listen to the calm before the storm that was The Joshua Tree! Taken directly from the Promo Vinyl radio show.  First aired April 7th, 1987.

U2 on The Tube (2 parts)

Two short appearances by the band on the ITV TV series The Tube. During the first, the band chat with Paula Yates (who interviews them from bed). During the second, Bono and Edge perform Lost Highway. This performance was for the last ever The Tube broadcast, and was taped while the band rehearsed in San Diego. Dates for these two appearances are uncertain, but are most likely just before the band started the first leg of The Joshua Tree tour.  First aired March, 1987.

U2 Talkie (2 parts)

Interview conducted by Dave Fanning in late February 1987, a week or so before the release of The Joshua Tree. The entire band participates in a discussion of the tracks from the forthcoming album. Interview taken directly from promo vinyl album (complete with pops and clicks). Released February 1987.