Paul McGuinness Joshua Tree Interview

Paul McGuinness is interviewed by Phantom 105.2 FM Dublin. The topic is the recent 20th Anniversary reissue of The Joshua Tree album. Topics include; The Unforgettable Fire, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, the Joshua Tree B-sides, America, Brian Eno and Streets, One Tree Hill, Greg Carroll, Anton Corbjn, Time Magazine, playing arenas, opening acts, LAPD closing down the Streets video shoot, Steve Lillywhite, Jimmy Iovine, Rattle and Hum backlash, Joshua Tree CD reissue, The Sweetest Thing, Waves Of Sorrow, touring before recording, re-recording Pop, Joshua Tree as a double album, the new album sessions. Original interview courtesy of Phantom FM Dublin can be found here. Originally broadcast December 9th, 2007.