The “Cork Mafia” talk with Dave Fanning

On the eve of the Joshua Tree Cork Show, five members of U2’s road crew drop by for an interview with Dave Fanning. The crew members are; Joe O’Herlihy, Steve Iredale, Tim Buckley, Tom Mullany, and Sam O’ Sullivan. Discussion centers on the early days with U2 and assorted bits related to being on the road. Topics include; what was so special about U2?, getting equipment, people jumping on stage, taking care of Larry, what happens at soundcheck?, the effect of climate on sound, indoor vs outdoor sound, Adam’s sub lows, covering the pitch, can you get Murphys in Edinborough?, the bus fire, flying vs. driving, tension within the crew, local crew, what happens when U2 is off the road?, Rory Gallagher, U2 playing the Lark by the Lee, what will U2 play in Cork tomorrow? Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Originally broadcast 8:00pm, August 7th, 1987.