Bono and Mike Peters KZEW Dallas (2 parts)

Bono and Mike Peters visit with KZEW in Dallas Texas, “the Rock and Roll Alternative”. Bono does most of the talking with DJ George Gimarc while Mike Peters naps mostly. Topics include; the Us Festival, categorizing music, playing The Refugee, The Alarm, what does An Cat Dubh mean?, Tom Snyder and the Tomorrow Show, Sunday Bloody Sunday, studio vs live, Windmill Lane studio, CBS demos, the Stories for Boys demo is played from the Just For Kicks album, the name U2, Ireland, the Boy on the album covers, Mike Peters plays Blaze Of Glory for Bono, can U2 change the world?, Bono invites a fan to the sound check, the writing process, A Celebration, Larry being so quiet, The Fool is played, writing for the Royal Dublin Ballet, the “much maligned” October album. Special thanks to Sue Fell for providing this interview. Originally broadcast June 12nd, 1983. A great transcription of this interview can be found here.

Part 01:

Part 02: