WKZL Interview (3 parts)

One of the great bits of U2 lore is how college radio embraced the band, and how, even to this day, the band has a great love for US college radio. In fact, college radio was given a nod during U2’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech.

A classic example of this college radio connection is Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina where a radio show called DeaconLight was broadcast up until the early 80s before the format changed. One of the shows hosts, DD Thornton, then at station WKZL, interviewed U2 just before they went on stage at Keenan Stadium, opening for Todd Rundgren. Here we have this rare interview with Bono and Edge. Additionally, we have the band (minus Larry) recording “Station IDs”

Please visit Deaconlight.com form more information about the U2 interview, and for some great rare photos of U2 such as this one.  Interview April 23rd, 1983.

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